Big Joe

Made for (and still belonging to!) Handmade Parade, Big Joe was the star of On the Shoulders of Giants, a show developed by Oldham Theatre Workshop and based on the legend of the Oldham Giant, Joseph Scholes, a local man who was said to have been around 6ft 7in tall and 37 stones when he died in 1814.

Big Joe stands close to 6m tall, and is rigged and transported on a wheeled cart. He’s made mainly of willow and bamboo on a timber and aluminium frame, and skinned with paper, fabric and Tyvek. He’s fully jointed and is puppeteered both from the ground and from a raised platform, where his head is controlled by a cantilever mechanism. Ian Broscomb made the cart and rigging mechanism, Jonny Quick helped rig and directed the movement.

Here’s a great video by Ian Hodgson of him moving